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I’m Sadie Stern and I write short stories and novellas which focus on BDSM, LGBT themes. I became interested in BDSM in my late teens, with my first experiences while I was at university. I write about strong lesbian women because they feature heavily in my life. I’ve been in the scene in a professional sense and I write freely about my experiences.

You can find all of my books on Amazon,  Smashwords.

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YYou can find all of my books on AmazonSmashwords You can find all of my books on AmazonSmashwordsou can find all of my books on AmazonYou can find all of my books on AmazonSmashwordsSmashw


Chris was taller than Stella and as she moved forward her much larger breasts were within kissing and sucking range. Stella took a nipple into her mouth and sucked, then nipped her with her teeth.


Katie pulled the thin gusset of her panties aside and used her fingers to prise her slippery lips apart. ‘It’s only role play Tanya, we’re only acting. This isn’t for real.'


Ruth raised her hands and touched Celia’s tiny pink nipples. She saw a shiver run through her body as her fingers made contact. Celia had small breasts, smothered as she once fondly recalled by small orange brown freckles.


‘I never got to count them Celia, I’d made a start when your mum burst in. I could always try again.’


‘A lot depends on your definition of virginity? If you mean am I intact, the answer is no, if you ask me if I’ve been penetrated the answer is yes, but if you’re asking me if I’ve had a man inside me, the answer is not yet.’

A Daddy for Emma cover pic new.jpg

My name is Emma, or it has been for a few brief hours. It’s not my real name, but you don’t need to know that. This is about me now, not who I was. He told me Emma means to be whole and complete. I know I’m far from complete and I am still fragmented – certainly not whole.

Catholic Punishment revised cover image.jpg

Sister Marie delayed while she waited for the full benefit of the pain to soak in. She liked a howler. It was far better than some brave show of stoicism which she always felt was a challenge to her authority.


Grayson didn’t rush. He liked his clients to feel the full benefit of retribution. After she had screamed ‘Six!’ It stopped. She knew the next part well. To rise, walk to the bed, then climb on top, kneel with parted legs and wait with her head resting on the top cover. At least the next part was more rewarding.


She looked longingly at her pure white bottom and she wondered what hue it would be after Robert had dealt with her shortcomings. She had no doubt a hard spanking awaited her especially  when Robert read about her overspending and particularly the dreaded speeding fine!


‘No knickers either Kellie, you really did come prepared.’ Laura still hadn’t finished probing, with her tongue forcing its way into a willing mouth, further south, Laura’s fingers prised Kellie’s other lips apart and ran her finger deep and along before she found her entry point where she pushed it deep and upward.

The Disciplinarian

A daddy for Emma Chosen cover pic.jpg
My Lesbian Boss cover pic.jpg
The Unthinkable cover pic.jpg

 Emma is puzzled. She expected to have heard from her Daddy, expecting to be his choice as his live in little. A month has gone by without a word of contact. She’s unhappy, yearning to start a new life away from a mundane marriage. But, will she seek her own path alone or with a daddy? There are six rules to be obeyed and once she finally hears from Jules, dare she break one key rule to be sure she is making the right choice for her. This sequel explores the fateful day she meets up again, suffers the penalty for disobedience and after discovering it could even be enjoyable, she is faced with the task of putting the past behind her. A hot, sexy story for lovers of DDLG discipline.

 I’m looking at my boss. She’s drop dead gorgeous; she has a cracking arse too! Trouble is Eve is happily married to Geoff; she has two teenage daughters. So, my thoughts have to remain restrained. Anyway, how many employees ask their boss for a date, even if that was possible? The thing is, I’m about to go into a meeting with her, it’s going to be tricky because it’s not going to be about work, my sales projections or general performance, this is going to be her explaining why on a night out last night, I found her kissing a young woman not much older than her daughters and when she saw me looking, she fled in panic. Oh, by the way, my name is Rhona but people call me Ronnie!

 Kellie is a staff nurse at a local hospital, she’s married but finds her life boring and mundane. The highlight of her day is taking her dog Lulu for a walk across the surrounding fields where she often met Nikki walking Moggie, her dog.  Kellie finds herself walking alone when Nikki stops coming which leaves Kellie worried as she suspects all is not well in a relationship, she has which seems no better than her own. Then one day Moggie comes bounding up, but without Nikki. Looking lost and without its collar Kellie worries, eventually finding Nikki’s home address via the vet they both use. On arrival, Kellie is alarmed to see her face bruised. Unwilling to explain, the women part under a cloud, but everything changes when Nikki turns up at Kellie’s house with an alarming story.  
A hot, torrid romance between two women who never imagined true love could arrive from an unthinkable direction. Sadie Stern writing as she does with erotic detail and no punches pulled.


One Night of Truth.jpg

 Angela is asexual, she has never had a relationship, and never felt the urge to enter into one. Everything stems from her childhood and an incident at school and what she was told by her controlling father at the tender age of twelve, following a psychological evaluation after carrying out a violent act. She hasn’t even touched herself. Everything changes when Zoe joins her place of work, she makes Angela look at something which has eluded her thinking for two long. Has she just been looking in the wrong place all along, and will everything change once she is pointed in the right direction? A hot sexy tale of a woman’s awakening.

Dominatrix cover pic 2.jpg
The Corner Shop.jpg

Mistress Carrie whips men for money and not without a degree of relish too. She dislikes men because they remind her of an abusive childhood. Tiring of the conveyor belt of clients she now abuses instead; she advertises for an innocent boy of legal age to train. She meets Adam and soon his sensitive nature grows on her and this starts a long-awaited healing process. But Carrie has a dark secret, one she has buried deep throughout her thirty-eight years. She confides in the only person she feels will understand, a naive boy twenty years her junior. When she confesses and a surprising offer is made, will this bring them closer still or dash their hopes of finding love for the first time.


A lively, sensitive, short story from Sadie Stern. Often sadistic, it explores the life of a dominatrix, it doesn’t pull any punches and graphically details a typical working day and the brutal treatment of consenting clients. Her sensitive side emerges too, expressed equally graphically by scenes of hot dirty sex you won’t read elsewhere. It’s not for the sensitive or those easily shocked – be warned!

 Henry Maddox runs a corner shop tucked away off a busy high street. It’s on a school route so children passing frequently visit to buy sweets. He finds himself plagued by two older girls certainly old enough to know better than annoy a lonely older man and steal from him while they think he’s not looking. When he decides to draw a line and enough is enough, he sets a trap which both walk into. Confronted with proof of theft he threatens to call the police and when both beg him not to do so he offers a painful alternative.

Contains graphic descriptions of corporal punishment.


The Baby Sitter's Daddy.jpg

Paul arrives home to find Rosie, his teenage baby sitter in a compromising position watching porn. The following day she returns to apologise and it soon becomes clear both have had an interest in each other for a long time, stretching back into childhood. It then emerges Rosie has a dark secret which is slowly exposed and this, together with an unlikely third party, threatens to tear a burgeoning relationship apart. An age gap romance which leaves little to the imagination, one that explores DDLG to the full.

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