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Catholic Punishment- Sexual Depravity at its best!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Some stories are dirty, kinky, and forbidden and some stories go even beyond that, this is one of those stories!

The bones of this story were written years ago. A while back when I was going through some old files I happened upon some stories I had written several years ago and thought why not publish them? I set to work adapting them and along the way I have learned some interesting things, one it's a lot easier to write a book from scratch rather than adapt an earlier version and my mind is perhaps dirtier than even I realized!

Catholic Punishment takes place at the Sacred Heart Convent run by Father Joseph. The convent is known for its strictness and vicious methods of punishing naughty would-be nuns. Enter Charlotte a new novice, a young 17-year-old girl abandoned at the convent by her strict catholic parents with the intention that she enter into a life of discipline and piety as a nun. Charlotte has other ideas in mind, however. She soon meets and befriends another girl, Karen, and the two enter into an illicit love affair.

Karen is enthralled with Charlotte, especially her red hair and freckles, the girls spend their evenings exploring their sexuality and spying on the orgies taking place between Father Joseph and his lover Sister Marie. Unfortunately, their late-night activities don't go unnoticed and the girls are ratted out by a jealous classmate.

The punishment that follows is harsher than either girl had counted on, a public caning in front of the entire convent. Worse both girls are to be caned naked! The sexy depravity doesn't end there. This story has a shocking ending that will surprise even the most kink loving sadist!

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