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Is there love after death?

The Girl Who Saw Ghosts by B.L Miller

The Girl Who Saw Ghosts by B.L.Miller

What happens after death?  Tim Grainger always wondered but he found out when he dropped dead on a golf course lining up to drive off at the eighth hole. Back home he finds he is not alone. He has unbeknown to him, shared his house with a ghost for over 40 years. He meets Carol for the first time, although she lived in the house all her mortal life, then choosing to remain and watch unseen after her tragic death. Tim moves in as a newly wed to Angela his then wife. Carol watches his family grow, four children; two boys and two girls; the last-born, Daisy who has special powers and can see Carol, although for the next twenty years they never once conversed.

Tim learns the dead can return to mortal life, but only if certain conditions prevail, and this has prevented Carol from returning. Now, with their friendship from the other side growing, Carol has a chance to return along with Tim. How this is achieved, and meeting others along the way, is described through the eyes, of first Tim, then Carol, Daisy, his daughter with mystic powers, and Angela, Tim’s devious ex-wife. A fast-moving story which explores the paranormal in a uniquely interesting way. 


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