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The Littlest Fairy- fairytales for adults

From the very beginning I knew EXACTLY the sort of books I wanted my Adult Fairytales to be. I wanted them to look like regular children's books with beautiful covers, interesting stories and great illustrations. When I first got the idea for this series it was one night when my Daddy was tucking me into bed. He told me a story he had made up just for me and I loved it SO much! I thought how nice it would be for other littles to have stories that were written just for them! Stories about being little, about their lives with their mommies or daddies. There really aren't many stories like that out there.

On a side note, a lot of people don't really understand about being little. Being little can be a sexual thing. There is no denying the sexual side of a daddy/little (or Mommy/little) relationship but it's not purely sexual. There are all kinds of littles and ways to be little. Some littles are never sexual while in little space and some littles are. For me being little has a lot to do with wanting to relive the innocence of my childhood. It's the desire to feel loved, cherished, and protected. That time when as a little girl my biggest concern was whether I'd play Barbie that day or ride my bike outside. To relive those rare occasions when I was tucked into bed and read a bedtime story or maybe taken to a park or zoo.

I wanted stories that caregivers could open up and read to their little, whether at bedtime or while cuddling on the couch together. I wanted books that littles could flip through while in little space, books with beautiful and interesting pictures. I think these books turned out SO incredible!

This is a quick preview of The Littlest Fairy. I can imagine littles flipping through it at home or in the car or even while having to wait at restaurants or in doctors' offices. Many littles struggle with anxiety and being in what we call little space is a way to work through panic attacks and anxiety. This book can be used to help littles get into little space I know regular children's books can be used for that too however, I thought it'd be so much fun for littles to have their own books!

The Littlest Fairy is the story about a fairy who has tried to find a daddy to love her, she's looked and looked but just can't find one that fits her. Her sisters and even her brother have found a daddy but she is still waiting. This fairy is very shy and insecure, she needs a special daddy one that will understand how vulnerable she is, that won't get annoyed when she's scared or extra needy.

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