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‘I was intending to rename you at this point Moth, but other matters came to the fore. By the way, you can rub your bottom now and if you need to, you have my permission to urinate.’ I knew what those matters were and the welt across my bottom was a stark reminder. I was to be allowed to touch it at last – thankfully! I felt round and I was shocked how thick and raised that mark was and how it stretched from one cheek to the next. It felt good to sense the blood driven out by the strap hitting my flesh was returning and by a little vigorous rubbing the pain eased slightly. I looked at the bench nearby with its thick securing straps and chains and I couldn’t imagine being secured to that while Daddy hit me twelve times as hard as that single lash. I shuddered at the thought and I knew then why he had hit me. It was a token punishment, done to put me in line and make sure I’d never transgress. It had worked.

Thank you, Daddy.

I wanted to ask where the toilet was but rule five prevented me. I looked around and saw a toilet nearby but was he going to watch? Such a private function and one even more private. Surely, he’d let me go without watching and listening to my flow. He turned and started to make preparations for my shaving, he also laid a padded rubber mat on the floor of the bath. This was as private as it was going to get so I went to the toilet and sat down. I immediately regretted it when the burning welt felt my weight although initially the cold surface of the plastic seat gave temporary relief.

I let go, I peed and the flow was relentless and the sound as its splash from a height into water seemed deafening. If Daddy noticed it didn’t show. When I finished, I dabbed myself dry and I noticed a thick mucus on the tissue I used which suggested it was more than a few drops of urine which I’d just soaked up. Daddy was over at a large bed further over and he was laying a thick towel where I assumed the shaving would be carried out. I rose and keeping my hands by my side I waited for my next instruction.

‘Lie on the bed, it’s time we tidied you up. Go now.’ So, I was to be shaved. I walked over to the bed and first kneeling on the towel I turned and lay on my back, I assumed that was what he meant by “Lie on the bed”, if he didn’t how could I clarify my breaking of rule one when to avoid it I would have broken rule five when I asked him a simple question. Daddy came over with his tray and sat at my feet he instructed me to open my legs wide which I did without question.
Excerpt from A Daddy for Emma

Emma is submissive. She seeks a strong man who will make decisions for her when she is incapable of making them for herself. She needs a Daddy, although she is then unsure exactly what that means? She needs a man of strength to own her soul but not treat her as his slave. A man who isn’t violent and brutal, someone who will be there to cling to in difficult times, a man to satisfy her special needs in every way. She joins a group on social media, there, she meets a man who seems ideal but proves to be elusive. She is smitten and knows she has to meet him, so when the invite arrives she knows she has no choice. Given a date, a time and venue, she’s told he’ll only wait five minutes past her arrival time, a warning not to be late! Afterwards he explains six basic rules and invites her to his home, will she follow him to his house where her training can then commence?

A Daddy for Emma by Sadie Stern

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