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EXCLUSIVELY on Texshire Bookstore, we are offering both of Sam Evan's books in one convienient bundle. This deal won't last long! For a limited time you can download and read both of Sam Evan's M/M erotica for only  $3.99! 


The Appointment

James sees an advert in a men's magazine. "Former headmaster from the Welsh Valleys. Seeks errant boys over 18 in need of corporal punishment. Serious applications only - no time-wasters!’ He answers the advert and eagerly awaits a reply. When one eventually arrives, after an anxious wait, he is instructed to attend at an address in London. When he arrives, he's taken to an upstairs apartment where, over the next few hours, James's world will be turned upside down and he will be forced at last to confront his unhappy time at home and school, his lack of self-esteem and start to learn to like himself at last. This book contains scenes of brutal adult corporal punishment.


The Headmaster's Study

James is heading to a meeting; it is a monthly event and has nothing to do with work or the usual reasons people choose to meet. His is a personal quest, some might even describe it as an obsession. On arrival there will be no warm greeting, just an instruction from a man, to go to a room in the house and prepare himself for corporal punishment. The man, dressed to fulfil the role he will soon play, will then re-enact an event which took place over thirty years previously while James was still at school. During the two-hour journey James will have time to reflect on previous visits, but especially back to that fateful day in the 1950s when his obsession first began and the chain of events that followed. Contains scenes of corporal punishment and BDSM.

Castigation Boxed Set by Sam Evans

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