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Just after six there was a tap on her door. Charlotte quickly left her seated position and opened it and there was Karen waiting expectantly. Charlotte quickly motioned her inside, closed the door and locked it. For whatever reason, she felt overwhelming joy her friend, her dear friend, had arrived and she threw her arms around her and hugged her tight as if she might still lose her.

‘I am so sorry.’ Charlotte apologised and stepped back to make eye contact. She was shocked to see Karen’s eyes were red from much crying. ‘Was it really bad, I am so sorry I caused you to suffer.’ Karen at first just nodded slowly then she replied.

‘I’m OK, it hurt terribly but you know I’m tough. What about you?’ Charlotte was almost overwhelmed at her friend’s concern about her. She realised her own punishment had been a mere flea bite compared to what must have been done to her. Yet her concern was for her instead.

‘I’m fine, I’ve got some lovely stripes across my bottom but it didn’t hurt too much. The bitch let me keep my pants on.’ Charlotte smiled weakly.

‘Can I look?’ Karen asked. For a fleeting moment Charlotte hesitated at the intimacy of the request, then without really moving she raised her gown. Karen walked behind her and easing her fingers into the elastic of her knickers pulled them down to expose her bare buttocks. Charlotte heard Karen take a sharp intake of breath.

‘That looks sore.’ Charlotte felt Sister Karen’s cool finger trace along each welt.

‘It doesn’t hurt very much, just when I sit down. Dinner time was difficult though I kept fidgeting. I didn’t see you in the hall, where were you?’

‘I couldn’t make it. I got excused. I was too upset after the beating. I just needed time to settle myself before I came here. It hurt, really hurt.’ Karen had moved back to face Charlotte now and her eyes welled up with tears as a reminder of the event returned.

‘Can I see your bottom Karen?’ Charlotte asked. Karen nodded and was led over to the bed. Karen then lay face down while Charlotte climbed on beside her. It felt strange for her to lift Karen’s skirt. Thankfully the girls didn’t have to wear the habit outside lessons although it was a requirement at mealtimes and for assembled prayer. Already she saw marks on her upper thighs where the cane had struck beyond her knicker line. Then, just as carefully as she recalled Karen had done with hers, she lifted Karen’s knickers clear of her bottom to expose what for her was a dreadful sight.
Excerpt from Catholic Punishment

Sister Charlotte is a novice nun within a convent school run by Father Joseph. Rules are strict and severe punishment awaits anyone who breaks them. This is carried out by his illicit sexual partner Sister Marie who everyone knows is a sadist who loves caning girls.. Charlotte isn’t sure about entering this calling; this having been decided by her mother, against her own wishes which were far from being shut away in a convent. Lonely and confused about her sexuality, Charlotte becomes close friends with another novice, sister Karen. They soon become secret lovers. When a jealous former lover exposes them and they are discovered together naked In Charlotte’s bed, there can only be one outcome. Severe punishment in front of the entire assembled school. Afterwards, choices have to be made and their futures at the school become uncertain, especially if they are to remain together? This is a book about teenage love in a convent. It contains themes of corporal punishment of young women.

Catholic Punishment by Sadie Stern

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