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‘What’s wrong with judo Vasson, it’s how we both got started. Surely you haven’t forgotten?’ Dommy moved forward, initially Petra thought she was positioning herself ready to start and make a grab for her Gi. Instead, she stopped short, leaving some distance between them.

‘There is a way round this Petra. The solution to wrestling when a leotard isn’t available is to wrestle without one at all!’ With that, Dommy undid the belt to her Gi and let it slide to the floor. She now stood naked before Petra.

‘Oh fuck! You had this planned, didn’t you?’ Petra replied instinctively loosening her own belt and letting the martial arts garment slide down off her own body. ‘I hope you locked the door.’ Petra replied moving forward, wrapping her left arm round Dommy’s bare shoulder and linking her right arm up between her opponent’s legs. She grabbed at Dommy’s left buttock trying to lift her off balance but in doing so she had placed her main body weight onto one leg which Dommy then exploited. Her own leg came round which tipped Petra’s balance, causing her to fall backwards with Dommy landing on top. Both teenagers just stared at each other. Dommy’s longing was only matched by Petra’s yearning to be doing something she’d wanted to do ever since they’d first met in combat. To feel a body, she’d previously only felt through just thin clothing, skin to skin. Now, it was happening and when Dommy moved her head down, her moist lips so appealing, Petra leaned up to meet them with her own mouth.

‘Oh my god you won’t believe how much I’ve wanted to do that Vasson!’ Petra groaned in pleasure.
Excerpt from Destiny

Petra is in Boston where her life has come to a turning point following the departure of her younger lover. She receives a troubling phone call to inform her that a close friend has been hurt on a road accident in which another woman has died. Planning to return anyway, this hastens her departure. Once home, a series of further events leaves her in no doubt someone is intent of hurting her by targeting her friends and it doesn't take Petra long to realise she is also on the list of potential victims. When, after a fire in which a woman dies, someone who Petra assumed was permanently out of her life is very much around, she sets out to lure her into a trap. Once snared, and the facts are finally out in the open, Petra has to make a decision which confronts a difficult truth which could destroy lifelong friendships and leave in ruins everything she ever held dear.

Destiny by Anietta Strong

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