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For the first time EVER, and EXCLUSIVELY on Texshire Bookstore, we are offering our first boxed set! Get all 3 books for only $3.99!! This deal won't last long. For a limited time you can download and read 3 of Sadie Stern's hottest, lesbian, short stories for only $3.99!  


The Dinner Party by Sadie Stern

Laura is married, her marriage isn’t exciting and with her teenage daughter about to leave and head to university, she is bored, unsettled and neglected, with her ambitious husband totally focused on work. Then, at a company function, she meets a woman - the boss’s wife. Kellie, is vibrant and attractive and Laura feels uncomfortable about a growing sexual arousal when she notices the attention, she is receiving from her. A dinner party is arranged and Laura is left in no doubt where things will go if she accepts an invitation to Kellie’s home the following day where events take a rather unexpected turn. A hot sexual read!


The Interview by Sadie Stern

"Mature, dominant woman seeking submissive female for long term relationship". Stella is newly divorced, she's had enough of men, finally realising a man has never felt right - for her? Stella has always wondered if she was gay, or at least bisexual? She sees an advert in a magazine from a dominant woman, seeking a submissive female, and she feels a thrill of excitement. She replies and is selected for an interview. She attends and finds a final decision will be made at a further interview? Will she be selected and if so, has she stepped onto a roller coaster from which there will be no means of escape? Will the woman she meets release hidden feelings she never knew existed? Erotic short story featuring spankings, BDSM and hot sex!


Two Women by Sadie Stern

Tanya and Katie meet at work. Both soon find out they have something in common, both have bad experiences of marriage. Soon the two women strike up a friendship in which each feels a growing attraction towards the other, although neither will come out of the closet and admit it. Then, Katie invites Tanya over for dinner. As they prepare for the evening ahead, each has hopes something will emerge. When Tanya arrives, she discovers that Katie has much more than chicken on the menu, with her bed laid out with an assortment of naughty toys Katie is hoping for a very exciting night! Will the evening end in disappointment, or will it explode into an evening neither women will ever forget and put them together on a path both were always destined to follow?

Sex and Sadism Boxed Set

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