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'I see you still have your nurses’ outfit on Cerys.' Petra teased.

'It's a uniform Petra, not an outfit! Nurse’s outfits are only worn by children dressing up and stripper grams!' Cerys replied sharply.

'Okay, don't bite my head off. Don't worry you won't be wearing it for long anyway.' Petra put the BMW Mini into gear and moved off as she replied.

'Thanks for picking me up, I don't like to walk home this late at night. Maybe I should get a car, what do you think I should do?'

'Learn to drive first I think!' Both women burst out laughing which continued the light-hearted mood both expressed earlier.

'Have you had a call back?' Cerys asked.

'Not yet, so I think we can forget that. I have been busy though; I haven't just been sitting around. I've set up a meeting with Clive and I am going to go to the gym with Dommy next Tuesday.' Petra told Cerys about her call to Dominique and how she had interrupted her on the job!

'She is fucking insatiable. I swear she's getting worse.' Cerys replied, getting no disagreement from Petra. The return journey was even less eventful than before and this time there was no sighting of a fox, a badger or even a hedgehog.

'So, Ms Hughes, what am I going to do with you.' Petra was in the mood for some fun when they entered the kitchen. It was nearly 3am but both women were still wide awake, although Cerys did look tired after a busy shift.

'What did you have in mind.' Cerys decided she would play along in role, deciding a downcast submissive pose was necessary as Petra filled the kettle.

'For a start you can go to my secret cupboard and select a leather paddle and take it into the bedroom.' She handed Cerys the key. 'Select the one with the raised stitching too, I want to make your bottom nice and sore!' She smiled as she watched Cerys sulkily walk out of the kitchen and into the spare bedroom.

Having been raped and savagely beaten in a hotel room, Petra Larson later becomes directly involved in a revenge fuelled attack on the men who carried it out. Afterwards, following the break-up of a long-term relationship, she escapes to the US city of Boston to recover. While in Boston, she has been reminded, almost daily, of her own attack and she returns to the UK with a terrible secret - one she is desperate to keep to herself. On returning, she has bridges to mend with her closest friends, as well as a decision to make about her own future. Having decided to return to her role as a high-class dominatrix. she soon receives a call from a potential client, but not one she expected - a woman has called her and that shock is compounded when Petra realises, she knows her. Once Petra understands why the woman has called her, they arrange a meeting which takes place over the course of a weekend in her luxury Bristol apartment. Only then does Petra Larson realise how much they have in common, as she listens to a harrowing account of childhood abuse which has left the woman emotionally scarred, and riddled with guilt. Now she seeks Petra's help when atonement seems the only path to her salvation. When it is clear just how much they have in common, the two women form a brief but emotionally charged relationship which is cruelly torn asunder by religious division and hatred.

Savage Omen by Anietta Strong

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