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‘I think I need the loo Sir, could you excuse me.’ She went to stand but his next words stunned her.

‘You have just climaxed haven’t you. Which probably means your panties are wet from your arousal. No doubt you brought a spare pair, so when you return bring me the pair you removed, I wish to inspect them!’ Judy sat open mouthed. She couldn’t believe the words he’d just uttered. She rose and quickly rushed to the sanctuary of a toilet cubicle where after removing her wet knickers and then masturbated. Judy didn’t have long to wait; she had barely started rubbing her index finger over a clitoris before she climaxed and found herself groaning and feeling helpless. She reached down to her bag and withdrew a pair of clean panties, then tearing off toilet tissue she wiped herself dry before completing the task by drying her fingers. She stepped out of the sodden pair lying at her feet, then after replacing them she held then up and examined the thin strip which had soaked up her excitement. She recalled his words, could she hand over what she now had in her hands, then watch as he inspected them as he’d promised. She folded them carefully, ensuring the slippery wet surface wouldn’t transfer to the inside surface of her bag. She flushed the toilet and left, quickly washing her hands before leaving and returning to her guest. Her meal was missing as she went to take her seat.
(Excerpt from The Book of Jude)
Judy is 28, married to a man she is convinced is having an affair. She is submissive and when she sees an advert from Andrew, a man seeking women looking to meet a strict older man, she feels compelled to answer it. She receives a reply and is invited for lunch in a prominent city restaurant. Even before she leaves home, she finds herself overwhelmed and aroused sexually and this increases as the meal seated at a table for two progresses. He shocks her with a request but she still complies, then later after returning home she nervously awaits an invitation to take place at his home.
A date and time is set. She arrives late, but this isn’t the only shortcoming that day. She has disobeyed a specific instruction he gave her which she dutifully records in a diary she is told to keep. What follows is a whole day and a night of depraved sexual activity which might shock those of a sensitive disposition. This book isn’t for the faint of heart!
Certainly, the dirtiest book you’ll ever read.

The Book of Jude by Sadie Stern

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