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‘Turn around and stand before me.’ Joanne turned and placing her hands to her sides she walked submissively towards Grayson Barton who held a long thick strap in his hands which he flexed menacingly. ‘We have long spoken of honesty and being more assertive. You have to your credit exceeded my expectations, but I fear, when you came up against your first real hurdle, you failed that test. I need to remind you there are consequences for such failure. Get across the bench, grip the front rails and keep your hands there.’ Joanne shivered, she expected six lashes across her bottom but decided to obey without any hesitation.

‘Yes sir. Please accept my apologies for letting you down.’ Joanne moved to the bench, stretching up on her toes and leaning forward along its length. She dreaded the thought of ever being strapped down, she couldn’t imagine the helplessness, her panic even of being restrained and at the mercy of this brutal man. She gripped a rail with both hands, her knuckles shone white from the effort. Joanne looked down at the floor trying to imagine the number of women who had stared at the same spot. Did she detect marks, from tears shed or a dripping nose? She knew Grayson had moved to her left, positioning himself for the first swing of his strong right arm. She closed her eyes, clenched her teeth and buttock cheeks and waited. There was a whoosh, the sound of the strap moving at speed through the air, then a loud whack! Her whole body was lifted, moved forward by the force of the blow. Joanne screamed and hollered – ‘One!’ Experience had taught her of the need to count.

Grayson didn’t rush. He liked his clients to feel the full benefit of retribution. After she had screamed ‘Six!’ It stopped. She knew the next part well. To rise, walk to the bed, then climb on top, kneel with parted legs and wait with her head resting on the top cover. At least the next part was more rewarding.
Excerpt from The Disciplinarian

Two women, both having suffered a terrible day, meet by chance on the same bus taking them home. One woman, a teenage student at a local college, is tearful and the other older woman offers comfort. They leave the bus together and head for a nearby pub where the younger woman pours out her heart. Both women are lonely and the older woman offers a home to her new found friend. She herself has problems too, which results in her visiting an older man who has taught her to be self-reliant, using methods which have left her dependent on him. She now has a decision to make, especially as these meetings are soon to end, does she continue to see him in a different, but still far too distant capacity, or does she see how a relationship of a very different nature develops.

The Disciplinarian by Sadie Stern

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