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Their nipples touched and both women felt the electric shock of contact. Ruth raised her head to meet Celia’s lips and once they had touched, Celia melted into Ruth. Slowly, breathing became more frantic and shallower. Faster breaths kept pace with two hearts which beat faster and in tune. Ruth reached out and clutched Celia’s buttocks, pulling them apart and seeking deep. She found wetness and stickiness which made their present skin to skin contact seem totally inadequate.

‘Get across me, turn around, there is somewhere I have to kiss; fuck counting freckles Miss Miles, I want to eat you!’ Celia didn’t wait a second longer, she scrambled around and clambering across her she straddled her knees over Ruth’s naked body. She then reversed, so her gaping buttocks, still marked from the beating she’d had with her husband’s heavy belt, were exposing everything Celia had which remained so deeply personal to her. Ruth took one look at the dripping wet mass of pink flesh and drove her tongue in, deep, her mouth splashing around her vaginal lips, which were covered sparsely by matted red pubic hair. Celia had similar ideas, and tucking her arms under Ruth’s meaty thighs, she pulled those apart and drove down herself. There was almost silence in the room.
Excerpt from The Freckle Counter

Ruth is alone and lonely. She never got over being parted from her childhood friend Celia at the age of 13, when both were caught in a compromising position in bed by Celia’s mother. Now at 24 she struggles to face the future, especially when her best friend Molly, gets married. While she’s on honeymoon, photographs of her wedding, which Ruth couldn’t attend, arrive and as she looks through the throng of happy smiling faces, she sees one which is unmistakably Celia’s. From then onward, a re-energised Ruth seeks to find her, and when she does, she’s in for a shock! Celia is married, but only to a controlling brute who rapes and beats her. Ruth takes Celia from this life to one that they both should always have shared, but someone is soon on their trail, intent on taking back what he sees as rightfully his.

The Freckle Counter by Sadie Stern

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