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Excerpt from The Headmaster’s office

At four thirty that day, when the bell rang to signal the end of the day, James had risen from his desk, collecting his things together and prepared to make his way to Mr Walker’s study and take what was inevitably coming to him. The school had been more less empty as he visited the toilet first, and in a moment of pure fantasy he’d imagined being ordered to remove his clothes and take his punishment naked; just as it had been his dream. It had been in such a mood that his inspiration had taken him into a locked cubicle where he removed his underpants and carefully rolled up his shirt such that only the absolute minimum protection existed. To satisfy an aim which he’d realised could never be fulfilled.

The door had been open when he’d arrived outside the headmaster’s office a few minutes later. Just as on a previous occasion, a cane lay across an open punishment book and this had been the first thing he noticed as he’d walked in. This time, HIS name had been entered on the latest line to be completed. There had not been too much time for ritual; just a request that James should remove his blazer and hang it on a hook behind the door. He had then found himself standing in the centre of a space which had been cleared at one end of the room. James had remembered the next words spoken as if it were yesterday.

‘With your legs apart, I want you to bend over and touch the floor with your fingertips.’ James had obeyed and soon he’d found himself adjusting his vision to the upside-down world he then found himself in. He’d watched as Walker had picked up the cane which he’d flexed in both hands before taking up position to James’s right, giving him plenty of room for a full swing.

James is heading to a meeting; it is a monthly event and has nothing to do with work or the usual reasons people choose to meet. His is a personal quest, some might even describe it as an obsession. On arrival there will be no warm greeting, just an instruction from a man, to go to a room in the house and prepare himself for corporal punishment. The man, dressed to fulfil the role he will soon play, will then re-enact an event which took place over thirty years previously while James was still at school. During the two-hour journey James will have time to reflect on previous visits, but especially back to that fateful day in the 1950s when his obsession first began and the chain of events that followed. Contains scenes of corporal punishment and BDSM.

The Headmaster's Study

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