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You’re a very naughty girl Stella Wright, you’re very wet, how do you explain that?’ Stella was too busy coping with Christine’s probing fingers to answer immediately.

‘I think you know very well why ma’am.’ She replied breathlessly.

‘I’ll stop if don’t like what I’m doing, although your wet vagina suggests otherwise – well?’ Christine teased.

‘I didn’t say that ma’am, in fact I don’t want you to stop.’ Christine did stop and now transferred her attention to Stella’s bottom.

‘You have a really beautiful bottom Stella; I’m looking forward to playing with it. You’ll be surprised what I do to a pretty girl’s cute arse!’ Stella’s ears pricked up as she replayed Christine’s words once again. Did she suggest there was to be another occasion and this tactile inspection wasn’t to be her last?

‘Did you say you look forward to playing with my bum?’ Stella left her enquiry there, fearing to be presumptuous for a second time that day.

‘Yes, Stella, you’ve passed my initial inspection and if you wish, I’d like to invite you to a much more detailed and vigorous interview at my home.’ Christine ran her hands over both plump cheeks and gave one a playful smack before stretching the elastic of the waistband of her knickers and letting it snap back.

‘Ouch!’ Stella whimpered softly.

‘We’ll have these off so I can inspect you properly. Now get yourself dressed because the staff will want to clear away.’ Stella stopped and pulled her jeans up, after which Christine opened the door to signal, she’d finished.
Except from, The Interview

"Mature, dominant woman seeking submissive female for long term relationship". Stella is newly divorced, she's had enough of men, finally realising a man has never felt right - for her? Stella has always wondered if she was gay, or at least bisexual? She sees an advert in a magazine from a dominant woman, seeking a submissive female, and she feels a thrill of excitement. She replies and is selected for an interview. She attends and finds a final decision will be made at a further interview? Will she be selected and if so, has she stepped onto a roller coaster from which there will be no means of escape? Will the woman she meets release hidden feelings she never knew existed? Erotic short story featuring spankings, BDSM and hot sex!

The Interview by Sadie Stern

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