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‘You heard her Mr Tarrant. By accepting that envelope you took on the responsibility to adhere to the requirements clearly laid out within the terms of the enclosed court order. This restraining order is now live Mr Tarrant and by remaining here when asked to leave now places you in breach of those terms. Leave now or I will call the police and you will be arrested for contempt of court. That is almost always a prison term Mr Tarrant. This is your last warning.’ Sal saw the realisation appear on Justin Tarrant's face. He looked across at Susan who glared back defiantly.

‘So, you're not the police then, you lied, you told me you were the police!’ The man tried one last desperate attempt to retrieve the situation.

‘No Mr Tarrant, I was careful to advise you I would have you arrested and that I wouldn't arrest you myself. Now I've warned you and I am now going to call the police and have you arrested – your choice!’ Sal pulled a mobile phone from her coat pocket and went to make a call.

‘Okay, okay, I'll leave but you haven't heard the last of this!’ Justin spat out the words and appeared to aim them at Susan who stood her ground and watched as he moved back into the hallway. Sal followed closely behind. Tarrant picked up both suitcases and moved towards the open front door.

‘I think you have everything that belongs to you Mr Tarrant, especially the implements you used on Susan, I don’t think I need to spell out what I mean. You’ll have to find another poor woman to brutalise now won't you - she’s moved on, she's out of that scene now. If you think of anything, we've missed you can call me at my office.’ Sal took a business card and slid it into his top pocket, patting it with her hand as a gesture of growing contempt. ‘Now fuck off you nasty piece of shit!’ The job was done and with legal niceties no longer required, Sal could be Sal and her disgust for the creature standing before her was beginning to spill over. No further words were exchanged, Justin Tarrant turned and left and walked back to his car.
Excerpt from The Killing

Jaz Crealey is rebuilding her life after the tragic events leading up to the death of her husband. She has a new partner in Sal, a long-term friend who has now become a mainstay in her life. It is in her role as a professional counsellor, Jaz meets Susan, a woman who has led a troubled life, first as a long-term carer for her elderly, domineering mother and then as a victim of an abusive relationship. Jaz finds herself become so embroiled in this woman's life that she has overlooked problems much closer to home. Issues, which in the modern world of computers and social media quickly become every mother's worst nightmare. Finding out her own daughter has been groomed, then abused by someone she met on-line, Jaz sets out, with Sal's help, to find this abuser while protecting her daughter from further intrusions in her life and merciless bullying from those she had once considered to be her friends. Then, as Jaz delves deeper into Susan's life, the seedy world of sexual exploitation reveals uncomfortable links which eventually lead to a violent death with its aftermath threatening to turn Jaz's world upside down.

The Killing by Anietta Strong

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