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When life is at such a low ebb and the only way forward appears to be to put an end to it, there can only be two options available. To go through with it, or find a way through the darkness. This is the situation facing Will Jameson and it seems he has made his choice as he leans forward to pick up the first of many pills lined up along the table where he is seated. In a moment of perfect timing there is a knock on the door. The person knocking is someone he least expected to call and by the time he leaves a couple of hours later Will can now see a way out of the abyss.

A plan has evolved, one part involves him getting off the remorseless rollercoaster of the job which is consuming him, ironically one he relentlessly strove for as a means to finally shrug off the cruel words spoken to him by his father when he was an impressionable teenager. Even greater is a need to rekindle a past relationship and find some happiness in his life. The following day Will makes a fateful journey and by chance he sees Katie again, the woman he loved and left behind to seek further success, as she passes by in a car. This starts a remorseless quest to find her.

The odds seem to be stacked against him and obstacles pile up; his marriage is at breaking point with his wife using his two young children as a weapon to punish him. Meanwhile, two hundred miles away Katie is struggling too, hers by contrast is a violent marriage and constant struggles trying to make ends meet when her husband drinks and gambles any money he earns. As a result, she is just as unhappy as Will. Like ships passing in the night, they continually miss each other until they both recall their old meeting venue, a wall near Will’s and Katies previous place at work. The wall holds a secret, somewhere they could leave illicit messages. They finally meet and this starts a chain relation where from both sides of the country unlinked events unfold which eventually sees the heartache of death and destruction unfold and in one final terrifying event Will, Katie and four young children face a desperate fight to survive.

The Lover's Wall by Anietta Strong

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