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Just ahead Petra saw what she’d come to see; what she’d come to visit and remember. She wanted to stand on this flat bed of rock and look out to sea and recall that awesome night when she and Jen had stood together naked. Petra had considered wearing that same towelling robe she’d seen hanging on the back of Jen’s bedroom door. To reach the same spot as before and remove it, then stand and close her eyes and imagine. Petra was on the rock now; she even felt a shiver run down her spine as she turned facing the sea and closed her eyes. Imagine, just imagine for one second….?

‘Hello Petra.’ She smiled as her imagination created the sound of a familiar voice in her head. So, closing her eyes did work? Just for one second, she allowed her imagination to take control of her senses. She took a deep breath and smiled blissfully.

‘Hello Petra.’ That same voice? Petra switched her brain back on and realised this wasn’t her imagination or the wind playing tricks, someone nearby was addressing her. It was someone behind her. Yes - behind her! She turned and the image before her shimmered and went fuzzy, then blackness.
Excerpt from The Phoenix

Late one night, in the darkness by a moonlit shoreline, Petra Larson re-visits the spot where she released the ashes of her murdered lover. Then, in the darkness she hears a voice which will turn her whole life upside down. From that moment on, nothing will ever remain the same. A roller coaster ride will start, a journey which cannot be stopped until it is allowed to run its course. Perception will certainly not be reality as the lives of people she thought she knew will be stripped bare and the ugliness of power and corruption will be forced out of the darkness and displayed for all to see. Even then, will the real truth be told and at its conclusion will Petra be left shocked and confused about the way forward.

The Phoenix by Anietta Strong

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