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‘Welcome to my consulting room Mrs Crealey, why not describe your symptoms?’ I shivered as he spoke with that soft comforting voice. I tried to imagine how many women had been reassured by its silky texture. I couldn't imagine what to say. I could just say I had no symptoms in particular and let him check me out using a rather crude form of gradual elimination. I knew where I wanted his hands to travel but I didn't want him to think I was being too obvious. Then I thought Oh! - what the hell! How many times in my life had I felt this gut-wrenching feeling of need! I couldn't even recall the last time any man, including my husband, had been down there! I decided I could play this game too.

‘I've been having period pains doctor. Hot flushes too but only in a certain place and certainly not where you might expect. I have been experiencing a pain in my groin too.’ I had sensitive boobs too, but I wanted him to try the direct route first and then see where it went afterwards.’ I felt Steve starting to lift my dress above my knees and I sensed he was soon going to have the shock of his life.

‘Oh, my goodness you have come prepared.’ The dress was around my waist now and he'd already worked out there was nothing more left to remove. I chose this moment to mention my dilemma.

‘I'm not on the pill Steve; just think about it, what was the point! I don't carry condoms around with me either, so I guess I'm dumping the problem on you?’ Steve gently eased my dress off and I now sat naked on his rear seat. A warmth of sorts was starting to be generated through the leather of the seat. It had a quality smell about it too, the sort you'd expect from the tack room of a stables.

‘I haven't either. I don't walk around with condoms in my wallet any more than you do. Let's just get and explore the geography tonight shall we. I want you Jaz Crealey and I've wanted you ever since I first saw you. Let's wait until we are better prepared, shall we? If it's meant to be, it'll be worth the wait.’ I couldn't believe how good that made me feel. I was wanted again, cherished, needed. I fancied the pants off him as much as he appeared to fancy the panty's off me. It was such a shame I wasn't wearing any. I was so hot and needy and while I desperately wanted to feel him inside me, I so respected him for thinking of me and not just himself.

He leaned in and kissed me and I responded too. My marriage vows were hanging by a thin thread, but they were still intact. His hands started to move south and when I felt them moving up my thigh, I opened my legs and offered myself.
Excerpt from The Scorned Woman

Jasmine Crealey runs a counselling service and from within the walls of her tiny office she listens while her clients unload their problems. Jaz, as she prefers to be called, has plenty of her own with her marriage in tatters and facing an uncertain future. Then, in the space of a week her life is turned upside down. First, she meets a damaged teenager, the product of an unhappy home and having suffered abuse for which a man has been jailed. Jaz soon finds that the story behind the girl's problems is complex and not as clear cut as was believed and she quickly realises the girl is in extreme danger and fights to prevent this. Later, at a function to which she has been invited, she finds herself at the centre of attention by a woman with a piercing stare which unnerves Jaz. When the woman disappears from view any concerns melt away when she is approached by a man who sweeps her off her feet and quickly draws her into a whirlwind romance. Any hope of long-term happiness is soon destroyed and she is met instead by the twin evils of hatred and bigotry. Jaz then finds herself under attack by officialdom and madness with both intent on tearing her family apart and leaving her with nothing but fond memories.

The Scorned Woman by Anietta Strong

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