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Then Jerry saw something which sent a shiver through his body – a rope was knotted to one leg of the bed and its long trailing ends lay along the carpeted floor. He looked to the rear of the bed and found the same there. He didn't need to look to realise he would find the same on the other side too. Looking at Petra's wrists he saw the tell-tale red marks which represented the final part of the jigsaw: Petra had been tied spread-eagled to the bed – but it wasn't clear to him which way up.

'You are going to have to explain what the hell happened here, Petra, but let's leave that until later, for god's sake.' He saw fear and humiliation on her face but the anger he felt couldn't prevent him from venting his frustration. She had obviously got involved with someone nasty and vicious and maybe she could count herself lucky she was still alive. He quickly untied the ropes and rolled them up before stuffing them into her overnight bag. There was another bag beside it, like a cricket bag; he had seen England cricketers pushing trolleys at airports with bags just like it.

'What's in the big bag, Petra?' Jerry asked.
Excerpt from The Secret Apartment

Petra Larson is a head turner; people notice her more than other women. Young, smart and confident, she is an example of a beautiful, successful woman who appears to have it all, but there is more to her than meets the eye: her job at a lettings agency cloaks a dangerous and lucrative secret life. Jerry Byrne meanwhile is a normal guy working in a normal job, preferring a quiet, normal life. When Petra is brutally raped, there's only one person she can turn to - her boss, Jerry Byrne.

Following attacks on other women and when a fatal accident takes place in suspicious circumstances, something must be done to end the violence and it is only when Jerry's life is set on a collision course with Petra's that he discovers what she is capable of. Forced to react, one way or the other, how will the normally indecisive Jerry respond? Will he support her actions? Can he remain within the law? Will this mean the end for them?

The Secret Apartment by Anietta Strong

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