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Lucy is recovering from an abusive marriage. One lunchtime she visits a local coffee house and lack of seating places her with a young woman she has seen there before. They get talking, then Lucy notices marks on her wrists suggesting she has been bound; also a leather collar has been placed around her neck. Then a man appears and she leaves, willingly, although somewhat resigned. As she passes, Lucy slips her business card into a tiny hand and then the young woman reveals her name - Rebecca.

Little does Lucy know what she has started and how she quickly becomes embroiled in this young woman’s life. How it will introduce her to not only a new group of friends, but also awakens her to a new lifestyle, where only women now fit romantically into her world. Rebecca is a twin and soon family connections place Lucy into mortal danger as earlier parental choices create storm clouds which not only risk tearing a budding romance asunder, but put lives in danger as one final brutal event threatens to leave Lucy with nothing and facing the prospect of trying to face life - alone.

Follow up to Outcast, by the same author.

The Survivor by Anietta Strong

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