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'Wow, Miss Jarvis, how good was that!' Petra spoke after a long period of silence. Earlier, when Ella's hand went up between her legs, Petra put all thoughts of food and drink out of her mind in an instant. Every blood racing urge she had ever felt for this young woman was hammering inside her head. She wanted this girl. Ella Jarvis, temptress extraordinaire had asked for it and by God was she going to get it - NOW! Petra had spun around quickly and leaning forward she had grabbed the seated girl and with all her trained, upper body strength she had pulled her up and thrown her over her shoulder. Petra then carried Ella Jarvis squealing and laughing through the kitchen, out to the main corridor and into her bedroom. Once there she had unceremoniously thrown her down onto the bed and attacked her hungrily.

'Well, I didn't quite expect that reaction when I touched you - there!' She giggled again and snuggled even closer.

'When you play with a time bomb Ella, don't be surprised if one goes off occasionally. I've been struggling hard to hold myself in check with you young lady, then you go and do that!' Petra kissed Ella's nose and they continued to look intently at each other. 'It's been a long time coming hasn't it.' The girl nodded.

'Wait until I tell mum and dad what we just did!' Ella spoke now and had said something which set alarm bells ringing.

'I hope you are fucking joking Ella! Don't you ever play games like that with me young lady or you'll find yourself over my knee for a hard spanking!' Ella just laughed.
Excerpt from The Woman on a White Horse

Petra Larson has returned from America where she has spent the last two years recovering from the loss of the person she loved. Unable to face returning to familiar haunts and people she knew; Petra finds solace in a sleepy hamlet on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors. Soon after her arrival, she meets a mysterious older woman who soon casts her spell on Petra. All alone and fearful of forming further relationships, which might themselves end in tragedy, she buries herself in work at a nearby riding stables. As she tries to fit into the local community, Petra tries to come to terms with some unfinished business which continues to haunt her. As a result, she blunders into a dangerous venture which has tragic results. It is while Petra is at the stables, she meets a bright and stunning young teenager who is making her feel uncomfortable and uncertain about her feelings. When she then meets up with a man from a life she had left behind, her confusion increases. Later, after further tragic events unfold, she is left with little option but to leave and return to her previous life. Before she can do that, Petra knows she still has a choice to make. It is a choice which will change her own life forever and all those around her.

The Woman on a White Horse by Anietta Strong

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