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‘So, you are a thespian!’ Tanya emphasised the ‘are’.

‘I thought that was why I moved closer to you – to find out?’

‘I said thespian, NOT lesbian Katie but you know what you are doing!’ Katie didn’t pursue it and left Tanya to proceed.

‘Ok, let’s role play this scenario. We are two women, both unsure of our sexual orientation. One of those women is going to risk everything, her self-esteem, humiliation, a close friendship even, to find out if the other woman feels the same? The only question is which of us is going to play the role of the woman who makes a move on the other?’ Katie surprisingly had an answer and there was no withdrawing, changing the subject or ducking the issue now.

‘We could toss a coin?’ Tanya knew any change she did have was in her purse and that was on the table in the other room where they’d eaten.

‘No Katie, unless you’ve got loose change tucked inside your thong, you’re not leaving this sofa, this spell is not going to be broken, this is going to its conclusion!’ Katie surprisingly came up with a better solution. She emptied the remaining contents of the wine from its bottle and clearing a space, laid the bottle on its side and spun it. The bottle remained remarkably in place, slowing down until the open end of the bottle pointed at the far wall, away from them both.

‘We could be here all fucking night doing this!’ Tanya now leaned forward and spun it now. This time it stopped with the neck of the bottle pointing towards their touching legs. ‘One more, otherwise I’ll make the decision based on our birthday month. The earlier plays the mover, okay! Katie agreed and gave the bottle a good spin. It stopped pointing directly at Katie. ‘That’s pretty conclusive Ms Williams - come onto me!’ Katie bit her lip; she wasn’t quite sure where to start. She leaned in and kissed Tanya on the cheek, not fast, but she didn’t linger before she sat back.
Excerpt from Two Women

Tanya and Katie meet at work. Both soon find out they have something in common, both have bad experiences of marriage. Soon the two women strike up a friendship in which each feels a growing attraction towards the other, although neither will come out of the closet and admit it. Then, Katie invites Tanya over for dinner. As they prepare for the evening ahead, each has hopes something will emerge. When Tanya arrives, she discovers that Katie has much more than chicken on the menu, with her bed laid out with an assortment of naughty toys Katie is hoping for a very exciting night! Will the evening end in disappointment, or will it explode into an evening neither women will ever forget and put them together on a path both were always destined to follow?

Two Women by Sadie Stern

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