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‘I think I’ve rather unnerved you haven’t I.’ Petra remarked. Jaz certainly was and she wanted to react by blurting out - not at all, I’m quite used to being shown implements of torture, and God knows what! Then, having a woman strip naked in front of me. As for the whip marks, well, nothing odd about that is there? These were the words on Jaz’s lips but she kept a neutral face and lied through her teeth.

‘No, it’s fine, it helps to know. It all adds to the picture and helps me better understand where you are in your life and what brought you to the platform end.’ Jaz knew immediately that Petra wasn’t convinced. She poured a splash of milk into her tea and clutching it with what were icy cold hands she cradled the mug and took a sip.

‘You don’t look fine, you look like a woman who realises she's just bitten off more than she can chew, we can leave this now if you’d prefer?’ Jaz suddenly became emotional and she had no idea what caused the outburst that now followed.

‘Okay, okay! What do you want me to say? You take me into a room and show me all manner of stuff I’ve never seen in my life, then you tell me you enjoy inflicting pain! Next, you take me to your bedroom and strip off! I feel you’ve been playing me like a fish ever since I arrived.’ Jaz felt tears welling up and she knew if she didn’t get herself back under control she was going to cry.
Excerpt from Woman on the Edge

What if you had the opportunity to save someone's life would you do it? Would you get involved or walk away? That's the choice Jaz Crealey faces when she sees a woman about to commit suicide. But Jaz has never been able to simply walk away and saving a life was never an option. When such a choice is made, does anyone ever think about the consequences of that action, once the dust settles? Did Jaz expect to find, lined up in a neat row, nine suicide letters facing her upon returning to the home of the woman she saved? Uniquely, did she expect to be sitting next to the author? As Jaz digs into the mysterious woman's life, she discovers each letter reveals a troubled secret life. When events become personal and too close to home and effect those she loves, Jaz is forced to revisit events in her own life, especially after the woman she saved is found battered and close to death in a dew-covered field. Has the past finally caught up with Jaz and can someone save her?

Woman on the Edge

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