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Dominatrix by Sadie Stern

Mistress Carrie whips men for money and not without a degree of relish too. She dislikes men because they remind her of an abusive childhood. Tiring of the conveyor belt of clients she now abuses instead; she advertises for an innocent boy of legal age to train. She meets Adam and soon his sensitive nature grows on her and this starts a long-awaited healing process. But Carrie has a dark secret, one she has buried deep throughout her thirty-eight years. She confides in the only person she feels will understand, a naive boy twenty years her junior. When she confesses and a surprising offer is made, will this bring them closer still or dash their hopes of finding love for the first time.


A lively, sensitive, short story from Sadie Stern. Often sadistic, it explores the life of a dominatrix, it doesn’t pull any punches and graphically details a typical working day and the brutal treatment of consenting clients. Her sensitive side emerges too, expressed equally graphically by scenes of hot dirty sex you won’t read elsewhere. It’s not for the sensitive or those easily shocked – be warned!

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 New Release!

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The Puzzle

 Two women united in emotional pain and sorrow resulting from loss in one case and dehumanising brutality in the other, are brought together by one woman solving a mysterious puzzle created by the other. Both are struggling with life, asking the inevitable question, is it worth carrying on with both having considered the unimaginable. Once the puzzle is solved and initial contact is made another bigger question remains or is it a fear they both ponder? Are they too far gone to develop even a friendship, let alone anything more. Is the damage both have sustained beyond the means of repair. A fast moving page turner, epitomised by a savage and disturbing opening chapter, brutally exposes pain and suffering with explicit descriptions of lesbian sexuality with more than a hint of BDSM. An uncompromising love story which might just work for both women and create an unlikely lasting romance

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