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Many of our books explore ddlg, Dom and sub relationships and bdsm. If you are in the ddlg community and are looking for books to help you or your little enjoy little space, we also offer adult fairytales and coloring books.


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 New Release!

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The Kiss by Anietta Strong

Angela is married but not happily. She has a teenage daughter too; she lived a normal but mundane life until she met Julie at work. Angela has strange disturbing feelings which are aroused still further by Julie’s intimate tactile habits. Everything comes to the fore when totally out of character Angela kisses her tormentor within the relative privacy of the ladies toilet!


She got it wrong!


Anietta Strong’s first foray into writing a hot, sexy short story about love and romance between two women. Women who are unclear about their sexuality and unsure whether to risk finding out!

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The Blind Date by Anietta Strong

Jessica has had a hard life. Raised by her grandfather she seeks an older man, a father figure. Her life suddenly changes when she meets a man on social media who threatens to turn her whole life upside down. She feels she has met the man who can change her life, especially after an incredible first date, far beyond her wildest dreams but is the man of her dreams really the answer to her prayers?

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