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Adult Fairytales

book cover littlest fairy.jpg

In this heartwarming fairytale we meet the littlest fairy, she is very sad because everyone has found a daddy to love them except for her. 

This abdl book is perfect for littles who struggles with how to get into little space, especially those without a caregiver. 


This is a gentle, NON SEXUAL story for mommies and daddies to read to their littles. Find all of my adult fairytales on Amazon.

book cover brave princess.jpg

In a land where littles always find their daddy, where magic and true love still exists, an evil wizard has captured the noble king. A brave princess sets out on a quest to rescue him and break the wicked spell. Can she save him? And will she find a daddy of her own on the way?


This is a gentle, NON SEXUAL bedtime story for daddies to read to their littles. It is aa adult Fairytale for people in the ddlg comunity.

Find all of my abdl books, fairytales, bedtime stories, coloring books and journals on Amazon.


A Mommy's Bedtime Lullaby for Littles-Short Excerpt:


Time for bed little baby dear. The sun has set, and the stars are shining overhead. It’s time for little boys and little girls to gather their stuffies and head for bed. The day is over, and all the worries and troubles are gone, come let Mommy cuddle you close as you shut your eyes.

This is a sweet, NON SEXUAL abdl book for people in the ddlg lifestyle. It would be perfect for a little's bedtime routine or any time a little needs help to get into little space. Read more about this sweet book on Amazon.

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This gentle lullaby has the same sweet lullaby as A Mommy's Bedtime Lullaby for Littles but is written especially for Daddies! 

•Sweet storybook to get you or your little into little space

•Adorable pictures of cute, cuddly baby animals

•This is a kinky gift that a BDSM Daddy can give to his sub

•Gentle story helps relieve anxiety in littles. Find this book and all my books on Amazon.

Adult Coloring Books

cover 2.png

Self Care is SO important for littles! This coloring/activity book will encourage your special little to practice good self care, like tidying their room, making bed, drinking plenty of water, being honest about their feelings and so much more!


There are 38 pages full of pictures to color, charts to track progress and fun quotes! Fun, calming and engaging, this is the perfect book to use while in little space. Great for long car rides, doctor appointments or any time your little needs a calm activity. 


This is an adult coloring book created especially for members of the DDLG community. Find all of my abdl books on Amazon.

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This super fun coloring and activity book is the perfect way to help any little that doesn't know how to get into little space.  Filled with mazes, puzzles, word finds and coloring pages this book will entertain and delight your little anywhere. It includes bonus sticker charts and is great for home, car rides or anytime a little needs a quiet activity. 


This is a NON SEXUAL, gentle book that won't offend innocent littles. This book was created for people in the DDLG lifestyle. 

Find all of my abdl books, ddlg colouring books and adult fairytales on Amazon.

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Alex Little Books

About Me


Writer, little, loves all things cute, sweet, or sexy! B.L. Miller's partner in crime! Author of Adult Fairytales

I am so excited about my series of adult fairytales written especially for littles. This is something that has been in my heart for a couple of years. The idea came when my daddy wrote a bedtime story especially for me and I thought how nice it would be for all littles to have stories that were written just for them!

I wanted the books to be gentle and sweet, nonsexual, and perfect for when littles are in little space. I hoped to create stories about daddies and littles with interesting stories but also beautiful illustrations. 

I imagine daddies and mommies snuggling under the covers and pulling their little close as they open one of my stories and read together. I am SO pleased with how they have turned out, I hope you love them as much as I do!

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