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This section is a new venture where authors of paranormal, mystery and supernatural books bring this to out website. It is our intention to make our site more far reaching and to cover some less controvervial subjects too

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Tim, a divorcee, had always wondered if there was life after death. Unexpectedly, while playing golf he finds out, after dropping dead on the 8th.  He later finds himself alone in the 19th hole clubhouse, facing the ultimate torture, drink in abundance, yet no means to enjoy a single drop. He finds a neat way to return home, but surprisingly, once back inside he finds he is not alone. He meets a woman of similar age who unknowingly has lived there for over forty years.

Soon the vultures hover, scrapping over what he has left behind. If tensions are high, they go up several notches when his Will is read where a surprise awaits which infuriates his ex-wife Angela, a woman with a checkered past and one thankfully having been discarded by Tim.

More revelations follow as Tim, his daughter Daisy, and his new, (to him) housemate Carol explore the the afterlife and its links to present day issues.

A fast-moving short novel which explores the paranormal and proves there can be love after death.

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