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Cover Reveal for Honour- Available July 15, 2021

Meet Jack and Rashi in this exciting, new, romantic thriller!

Honour by Anietta Strong

When a man returning home late from a party hears a scream he feels he must investigate. What he discovers is shocking and sets in motion events which soon spiral out of control, eventually leading to the deaths of innocent people as events play out in the seedy, violent world of drugs and people trafficking. That single, selfless act, brings together two people from different cultures and explores arranged marriage through the eyes of a young woman who refuses to conform; an act of disobedience which puts her own life at risk and all those around her. A fast moving story follows this young woman's attempts to escape and her love for an older man who saved her.

Excerpt From Honour

Don’t be angry with me Jack, I don’t want to ever feel frightened of you, it’s just so hard to take in, especially after everything that had gone on between us before.’ Jack began to wonder if the curtain was closing on their relationship. He then looked realistically at what they had, him a divorced man trying to build a new life after years of living in a sterile marriage, she, a girl just out of her teens, brought up in a life so different to his own; living in a different culture with different values. Wasn’t the truth his head had been turned by flattery, by a girl who was infatuated by him, had felt safe with him? Wasn’t that the truth, she HAD felt safe, but now that wall of protection she had felt was gone and was now replaced instead by fear. Fear of him and what he was capable of?


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