Hi, I’m Anietta, I’ve always loved to write even before my teens. Like most people who built a career and led a busy life, I took up writing seriously when life calmed down, which for me was when my family grew up and left the nest. I love to write about difficult issues, not shying away from areas some writers prefer to avoid. Yes, they are edgy, maybe sexy too but that is life. I’m particularly interested in women’s issues and my characters reflect my own strong personality. I hate political correctness and speak and write without fear. I hope you enjoy my books.

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The Petra Larson Series


A man is on the train, he's travelling from London to start a new life after a long term relationship has ended. He has a new job in the west of England in the iconic city of Bath. As he sits looking out of the window as the countryside speeds by, he has no idea what drama awaits him there. He meets a beautiful woman, doing an ordinary job, but she has an extraordinary dark secret which will spread into his life quickly, especially, when before he even had a chance to get to know her he finds himself thrust into her sordid life and he is forced to see things no man is ever totally prepared for. A fast paced mystery with erotic undertones where revenge is inevitable and peoples lives will never be the same again.


A chance phone call late at night starts a train of unstoppable events. Two troubled women end up on a collision course culminating in a brutal event which takes place late one night in an outrageously opulent apartment, an event which seals their fate for ever. Unknowingly, both women find out they had met before, but in a separate, unconnected situation. Despite this, their diverse lives merge and for a brief unforgettable period, everything they had hoped for is there for the taking. Then, through bigotry and religious hatred their lives are torn asunder in an act of unspeakable savagery.

Part two of Anietta Strong’s series which follows on from where The Secret Apartment ended.


The North Yorkshire moors seems a world away from the wild open spaces of Montana where Petra Larson escaped following the death of her lover. Even after two years away she cannot face returning to the west of England, the place she knew best and those she was closest to. Instead, she finds the peace and tranquility she desired in a small village just outside the market town of Pickering. One night, during a storm she goes out into driving rain to beg her dead lover to let her go and find peace and it is out there she is seen by a mysterious woman riding a white horse in the darkness. They later meet and she soon casts her spell on Petra. All alone and fearful of forming further relationships, which might themselves end in tragedy, she buries herself in work at a nearby riding stables. It is while Petra is at the stables, she meets a bright and stunning young teenager who is making her feel uncomfortable and uncertain about her feelings. Petra knows she still has a choice to make. It is a choice which will change her own life forever and all those around her.

Part three of the Petra Larson series


When a total stranger waiting to board a train seens a lone woman standing next to the station platform edge, only one thing comes to mind, especially as she knows a fast train is about to pass through. Afterwards, having saved a troubled woman from killing herself, she now has to consider the consequences of that action, after the dust has settled. She takes the woman home and to her amazement she finds, lined up in a neat row, nine suicide letters when normally there might have just been one? Uniquely, did she expect to be sitting next to the author of each? As she digs into the mysterious woman's life, she discovers each letter reveals a troubled secret life. Then, once events become personal and too close for comfort and will effect those she loves, she is forced to revisit events in her own life, especially after the woman she saved is found battered and close to death in a dew-covered field. This uncovers a a fateful obsession by a woman she has helped in the past and this will grow until it poses a threat to her own life and those around her.

The fourth book in the Petra Larson series which introduces Jaz Crealey.


Late one night, in the darkness by a moonlit shoreline Petra Larson re-visits the spot where she released the ashes of her murdered lover. Then, in the darkness she hears a voice which will turn her whole life upside down. From that moment on, nothing will ever remain the same. A roller coaster ride will start, a journey which cannot be stopped until it is allowed to run its course. Perception will certainly not be reality as the lives of people she thought she knew will be stripped bare and the ugliness of power and corruption will be forced out of the darkness and displayed for all to see. Even then, will the real truth be told and at its conclusion will Petra be left shocked and confused about the way forward.

The fifth book in the Petra Larson series


Dominique Vasson wanders along a lonely wind-swept beach, trying to make sense of her life and hopefully find a new direction. Later, on the train, she sees a newspaper headline of what appears to be targeted deaths of young men involved in violent street crime. Prominent drug dealers suffer the same fate; it looks clear these are linked attacks by a vigilante. Bored and lonely since the only woman she really loved has moved to the US with a beautiful, talented young woman, Dominique, decides to unravel the mystery and find who this ruthless killer is. What she finds comes as a huge shock and puts her at risk, especially when she gets far closer than she ever imagined and she finds herself enmeshed in issues of race, guilt and atonement.

The sixth book in the Petra Larson series


Petra is in Boston where her life has come to a turning point following the departure of her younger lover. She receives a troubling phone call to inform her that a close friend has been hurt on a road accident in which another woman has died, Planning to return anyway, this hastens her departure. Once home, a series of further events leaves her in no doubt someone is intent of hurting her by targetting her friends and it doesn't take Petra long to realise she is also on the list of potential victims. When, after a fire in which a woman dies, someone who Petra assumed was permanently out of her life is very much around, she sets out to lure her into a trap. Once snared, and the facts are finally out in the open, Petra has to make a decision which confronts a difficult truth which could destroy lifelong friendships and leave in ruins everything she ever held dear.

The seventh book in the Petra Larson Series

The Jaz Crealey Series


After her cheating husband gets caught and with her marriage in tatters, Jaz focuses on her career as a counsellor, spending her days advising women in abusive relationships and providing comfort to abandoned and neglected children. This has always given her lonely life meaning and purpose. When Jaz meets Amber, a damaged teenager who was exploited and abused by a neighbour, the truth she uncovers is too shocking even for her. Amber tells a different story, one of a violent abusive mother and a man wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Jaz sets out to unravel the truth; is Amber lying or is the reality even darker than anyone realises?

Then, after a brief, unexpected romance, which ends in tragedy, a vengeful woman enters her life. It is said, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Jasmine Crealey is about to learn this is true! Jaz, as she prefers to be called, finds herself in a world of danger and intrigue as the mysterious woman seems intent on destroying her. As Jaz desperately tries to save Amber and avoid a crazed stalker, she again finds unexpected love.


Jaz Crealey is rebuilding her life after the tragic events leading up to the death of her husband. She has a new partner in Sal, a long-term friend who has now become a mainstay in her life. It is in her role as a professional counsellor, Jaz meets Susan, a woman who has led a troubled life, first as a long-term carer for her elderly, domineering mother and then as a victim of an abusive relationship. Jaz finds herself become so embroiled in this woman's life that she has overlooked problems much closer to home. Issues, which in the modern world of computers and social media quickly become every mother's worst nightmare. Finding out her own daughter has been groomed, then abused by someone she met on-line, Jaz sets out, with Sal's help, to find this abuser while protecting her daughter from further intrusions in her life and merciless bullying from those she had once considered to be her friends. Then, as Jaz delves deeper into Susan's life, the seedy world of sexual exploitation reveals uncomfortable links which eventually lead to a violent death with its aftermath threatening to turn Jaz's world upside down.



When a man returning home late from a party hears a scream he feels he must investigate. What he discovers is shocking and sets in motion events which soon spiral out of control, eventually leading to the deaths of innocent people as events play out in the seedy, violent world of drugs and people trafficking. That single, selfless act, brings together two people from different cultures and explores arranged marriage through the eyes of a young woman who refuses to conform; an act of disobedience which puts her own life at risk and all those around her. A fast moving story follows this young woman's attempts to escape and her love for an older man who saved her

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When life is at such a low ebb and the only way forward appears to be to put an end to it, there can only be two options available. To go through with it, or find a way through the darkness. This is the situation facing Will Jameson and it seems he has made his choice as he leans forward to pick up the first of many pills lined up along the table where he is seated. In a moment of perfect timing there is a knock on the door. The person knocking is someone he least expected to call and by the time he leaves a couple of hours later Will can now see a way out of the abyss.

A plan has evolved, one part involves him getting off the remorseless rollercoaster of the job which is consuming him, ironically one he relentlessly strove for as a means to finally shrug off the cruel words spoken to him by his father when he was an impressionable teenager. Even greater is a need to rekindle a past relationship and find some happiness in his life. The following day Will makes a fateful journey and by chance he sees Katie again, the woman he loved and left behind to seek further success, as she passes by in a car. This starts a remorseless quest to find her.

The odds seem to be stacked against him and obstacles pile up; his marriage is at breaking point with his wife using his two young children as a weapon to punish him. Meanwhile, two hundred miles away Katie is struggling too, hers by contrast is a violent marriage and constant struggles trying to make ends meet when her husband drinks and gambles any money he earns. As a result, she is just as unhappy as Will. Like ships passing in the night, they continually miss each other until they both recall their old meeting venue, a wall near Will’s and Katies previous place at work. The wall holds a secret, somewhere they could leave illicit messages. They finally meet and this starts a chain relation where from both sides of the country unlinked events unfold which eventually sees the heartache of death and destruction unfold and in one final terrifying event Will, Katie and four young children face a desperate fight to survive.

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Jessica has had a hard life. Raised by her grandfather she seeks an older man, a father figure. Her life suddenly changes when she meets a man on social media who threatens to turn her whole life upside down. She feels she has met the man who can change her life, especially after an incredible first date, far beyond her wildest dreams but is the man of her dreams really the answer to her prayers?