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I’m Sam Evans, writer, father and grandparent. I’ve travelled around quite a bit, both for work reasons and pleasure. My main interest now is as a writer.


I have met a lot of people throughout my life and I like to write about both my own experiences and those I’ve met along the way.


I’ve written two books which reflect on a conversation I had about early life. One was during the latter stages of school and then later in life when a dark event which took place followed that person into adulthood. It was a difficult period in that person’s life and it describes an obsession which will be carried for ever. It was hard to describe and even harder to put into words.


Much of the narrative in these two books are based on true events, although names are changed and some parts were added to make the story more readable. More books will follow on equally challenging themes.

Man being spanked

You can find all of my books on Amazon.​


You can also purchase direct with a 20% discount by emailing your title requests(s) to

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