I’m Sadie Stern and I write short stories and novellas which focus on BDSM, LGBT themes. I became interested in BDSM in my late teens, with my first experiences while I was at university. I write about strong lesbian women because they feature heavily in my life. I’ve been in the scene in a professional sense and I write freely about my experiences.

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The Interview

Chris was taller than Stella and as she moved forward her much larger breasts were within kissing and sucking range. Stella took a nipple into her mouth and sucked, then nipped her with her teeth.


Two Women

Katie pulled the thin gusset of her panties aside and used her fingers to prise her slippery lips apart. ‘It’s only role play Tanya, we’re only acting. This isn’t for real.'


The Freckle Counter

Ruth raised her hands and touched Celia’s tiny pink nipples. She saw a shiver run through her body as her fingers made contact. Celia had small breasts, smothered as she once fondly recalled by small orange brown freckles.


‘I never got to count them Celia, I’d made a start when your mum burst in. I could always try again.’


The Medical Student

‘A lot depends on your definition of virginity? If you mean am I intact, the answer is no, if you ask me if I’ve been penetrated the answer is yes, but if you’re asking me if I’ve had a man inside me, the answer is not yet.’

A Daddy for Emma cover pic new.jpg

A Daddy for Emma

My name is Emma, or it has been for a few brief hours. It’s not my real name, but you don’t need to know that. This is about me now, not who I was. He told me Emma means to be whole and complete. I know I’m far from complete and I am still fragmented – certainly not whole.

Catholic Punishment revised cover image.jpg

Catholic Punishment

Sister Marie delayed while she waited for the full benefit of the pain to soak in. She liked a howler. It was far better than some brave show of stoicism which she always felt was a challenge to her authority.


The Disciplinarian

Grayson didn’t rush. He liked his clients to feel the full benefit of retribution. After she had screamed ‘Six!’ It stopped. She knew the next part well. To rise, walk to the bed, then climb on top, kneel with parted legs and wait with her head resting on the top cover. At least the next part was more rewarding.


Atonement Friday

She looked longingly at her pure white bottom and she wondered what hue it would be after Robert had dealt with her shortcomings. She had no doubt a hard spanking awaited her especially  when Robert read about her overspending and particularly the dreaded speeding fine!


The Dinner Party

‘No knickers either Kellie, you really did come prepared.’ Laura still hadn’t finished probing, with her tongue forcing its way into a willing mouth, further south, Laura’s fingers prised Kellie’s other lips apart and ran her finger deep and along before she found her entry point where she pushed it deep and upward.

The Disciplinarian