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Destiny recently published by Anietta Strong

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Destiny; the force that some people think controls what happens in the future, and is outside human control. They say you can’t fight destiny? It was with those thoughts in mind Anietta chose Destiny to be the title of what is the be the final book in which Petra Larson was to be its main character. Having suffered a brutal rape, even this savage event wasn’t as painful as the loss of a woman in her life truly was – she was meant to be The One! But it seemed they were always destined to meet again this side of eternity and Destiny explains that final chapter in a typical stark and shocking way. Anietta Strong’s way.

I have created characters which I have grown very attached to. My first, Petra Larson in particular but equally her best friend Dommy (Dominique Vasson); Cerys Hughes too. They were the mainstay of Petra’s life from her teenage years, through university and on to adult life. Petra has been troubled by one woman she met on the way, Jennifer Wallace, herself a troubled woman also who had suffered an abusive childhood. Their meeting, a brief torrid love affair laced with sadism, was cut short in Savage Omen. To Petra’s surprise Jennifer (Jen) re-emerged in The Phoenix but that was short lived. Jen wasn’t who she appeared to be and that ended tragically when she found herself facing a life sentence for murder. Now someone is attacking Petra’s friends. Cerys escapes death by the skin of her teeth, but her partner dies in a road accident which now appears deliberate? Dommy also has a lucky escape when an arson attack on her home, meant for her, kills her partner instead. Just fate caused her not to be there that night. Then, when someone with whom Petra had a fleeting romance is deliberately flung off his bike as he cycled to work, Petra realises things are getting personal and far too close to home. But who is it? Clues suggest Jen, but why? How is it possible, when she is locked away in prison? There is an answer and it soon becomes clear when unbelievable revelations unfold. There is someone out there, but like a chameleon, this person is a master of disguise and able to blend into the background and pick their moment.

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