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A teenager lies gravely ill in a hospital bed, fighting for her life. Staff nurse Cerys Hughes is assigned to her care. She soon realises something isn’t right, she is bruised and has suffered a vicious beating, she has had no visitors, nobody is phoning to ask about her welfare. It is as if she was trash thrown out, expendable, expected to die and only fit for disposal. Then, as she improves, it becomes clear people now want her back, but why? More worrying, the young woman is so terrified of being returned to her family, she absconds from her hospital bed. Cerys then finds herself responsible for her care, a situation where she has to choose between a nursing career and sheltering her.


As time moves on a complex life, full of lies and contradictions emerges which follows the teenager like a dark cloud; something which eventually puts Cerys in mortal danger as she tries to unravel the plot with the help of two lifelong friends and a woman with a colourful past.


New faces appear and it seems the young woman, who is now known by several different names, is not who she seems. She has family links to a dark and shocking secret which when exposed, rocks three people’s life to its very core. Finally, when all is uncovered and the truth is out, how can these diverse lives be repaired and put back together in a way which means they can forget the past and move on.

Outcast by Anietta Strong

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