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‘It’s a nice day, why don’t we all sit outside, Kellie can help me bring coffee out.’ Everyone started to move, dessert plates were gathered and very little remained on the table as everyone left the room. Inside the kitchen as Laura gathered cups, Kellie had a request.

‘I need the loo, where do I find it?’ Laura stopped what she was doing and turned to face a woman who’d been teasing her ever since she arrived.

‘Why don’t I show you, it’s a little complicated to describe, far easier if you follow me?’ Laura didn’t wait for a reply, she moved off, the coffee could wait. She knew Kellie would follow and when they arrived at a door, third on the left down the corridor, leading from the kitchen, Kellie was slightly puzzled as to what had been so complicated to describe? Laura opened the door and stepped back slightly for Kellie to pass her end enter; as she did, Laura came to life, bundling her tease inside, then closing the door before locking it.

‘If you wanted to watch, you only had to ask Laura.’ Kellie spoke, her eyes wide open in shock.

‘So, what part of the body shall we begin with?’ Laura replied, moving in on Kellie, gripping both upper arms and launching into a kiss. She forced Kellie back and back until they were stopped by the wall, then, when that prevented any further movement, Laura released one hand before stooping and driving it up her guest’s short skirt and continuing until her hand felt something hot, slippery and very wet. ‘No knickers either Kellie, you really did come prepared.’ Laura still hadn’t finished probing, with her tongue forcing its way into a willing mouth. Further south, Laura’s fingers prised Kellie’s other lips apart and ran her finger deep and along before she found her entry point where she pushed it upward.

‘Oh fuck, I never expected this!’ Kellie chuckled.

‘Ah, that’s because you assumed.’ Laura looked into her eyes. ‘What do they say, be careful not to assume, it often ends up making an ass of you and me!’ Kellie responded now; her hands pulled Laura’s skirt up before she too went between willing legs which parted instantly. Kellie spoke now, there was urgency in her voice.

‘Sadly, we can’t take this where it needs to go, but if you want to give me the ultimate biology lesson tomorrow, come over before lunch and you really will find my front door wide open.’

‘Mum?’ A voice called out.
Excerpt from The Dinner Party

Laura is married, her marriage isn’t exciting and with her teenage daughter about to leave and head to university, she is bored, unsettled and neglected, with her ambitious husband totally focused on work. Then, at a company function, she meets a woman - the boss’s wife. Kellie, is vibrant and attractive and Laura feels uncomfortable about a growing sexual arousal when she notices the attention, she is receiving from her. A dinner party is arranged and Laura is left in no doubt where things will go if she accepts an invitation to Kellie’s home the following day where events take a rather unexpected turn. A hot sexual read!

The Dinner Party by Sadie Stern

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