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Socialising With My Main Characters

Updated: Feb 21

As a writer I love to experiment. I’ve often thought about bringing characters from different books together and to see how they might interact. In three of my books, Two Women, The Interview and The Dinner Party the main characters in each were a pair of women. So, I thought I’d have a dinner party of my own and invite them round. Coincidentally, all three books have events which centre around the consumption of food, so inviting them round will feel pretty natural.

Exploring Unfamiliar Lesbian Feelings

Tanya and Katie met at work. Both had been married but that hadn’t been a success for either. One was new at her job and felt she and out of place, especially at lunchtime which is when they first met. Both felt an attraction to each other but neither dare come out and risk exposure. Everything then comes to a climax after Tanya invites Katie round for dinner. So my invitation will be nothing new for either. In The Interview, a meeting over lunch between Stella and Christine brings together a dominant woman who has placed an advertisement seeking a submissive partner. Stella answers the advertisement and meets the powerful, overbearing Christine in a private room set aside in a local restaurant. So, meeting for dinner will be nothing out of the ordinary for them either. Finally, to make up the group, Kellie and Laura met at the former woman’s dinner party. Both are married, but each know they prefer more exotic forbidden fruit.

The Power Play Between Dominant and Submissive Partners

What intrigues me most is the chance to observe the power play between Tanya, Christine and Kellie, they are most certainly the dominant partners in each relationship previously mentioned. It is worth mentioning that when any two people meet, one will be more dominant or submissive to the other. Another feature worth observing will be the underplay. The “topping from the bottom”, the influence created by the submissive remainder. A number of things crossed my mind as the clock ticked down on this imaginary event. Who would arrive first, who if anyone would be late. The biggest area consuming my thinking was the power play at work between the three more dominant women.

When I thought about it, there was only one clear winner for me but I’ll come to that. One thing for sure, the aforementioned power play at work would follow a tried and tested pattern. Of the three women one was clearly the outsider. She and her partner will almost certainly arrive first, in fact she will be early. The next thing to observe is who tries to take immediate command. One woman of the dominant trio will and possibly, a more submissive member of the group will try, just to shake off the impression of inferiority - an attempt to boost her image. I know which one will make that play, I also know the one who will hold back and wait, weigh up the opposition then strike to make her play for leadership.

I could at this stage say, I’ll write another blog in a weeks time, to give you a chance to read all three books, but I won’t. So, let me share my thoughts on what I think will happen, then if you wish you can read each book and decide for yourself, see if you agree or not?

Tanya and Katie will arrive first. They will see arriving early as beneficial to them both. A chance to have some time alone with their literary creator. Certainly Katie is very submissive and while Tanya is certainly the more dominant party she is definitely in a lower league to Christine and Kellie. So, of the two women left, who will rise to the surface? Kellie will initially, she is brash, flashy and certainly no shrinking violet. Once everyone is seated around the table, which will be purposely circular so nobody is shut out of the conversation by distance, Kellie will make her play. She will be the most outrageously attired, wearing a thin tight black dress only. No panties or bra for her. She is used to being the centre of attention and for the first part of the dinner everything will be about her. Kellie loves being centre stage. Unpredictability too, her partner Laura will be the main influencer. She will add comments designed to take the line of conversation where she wishes it to go. Laura has more control over Kellie than the woman realises. Someone has to stem her excesses.

Waiting in the wings is the most powerful woman of all. Christine. She will not say much, she will allow Kellie to hog the conversation, which gradually will become predictable and even annoying. As a writer I put into words what I know. I’ve seen it all before often enough. Attending meetings where the usual suspects have their say. There is a saying, a wise man has something to say, a fool has to say something. Christine has been there and when she has seen and certainly heard enough, she will make her play, but do it in a very powerful way. She will ask questions and certainly focus on Kellie. This could be a theme for another book. We could call it The Dinner Party from Hell! All the energy and power will dissipate away from Kellie and then be drawn back to the dominant Christine. Stella is no pushover, okay she wrote to Christine seeking an interview to fill a vacancy to become her submissive partner, but doesn’t Christine close the door of the private room and ask Stella to strip while she inspects her very thoroughly. Only a very powerful woman can make that happen. The evening will end with a clear winner and Christine together with Stella, who incidentally were predictably the last couple to arrive, also choose to be the final couple to leave.

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