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Atonement Friday- A short, hot erotic, BDSM story

Atonement Friday - A short hot erotic BDSM story

What does a husband and wife do to keep a marriage from getting boring? That's the question Honey and Robert are asking themselves, their answer may surprise you!

Honey and Robert have a good marriage, a good sex life, but why settle for good when you could have amazing! Honey has always had a submissive side and with the help of her friend Emma (from A Daddy for Emma) she comes up with an idea. Every week she will keep a log of her misdeeds and on Friday she will present the log to her husband Robert for punishment.

Robert is hesitant, spanking his wife appeals to him, of course but just how far does he want to go? And is he really ready to assume the role of Honey's Dom? After some research and a secret meeting with Emma, Robert has a pretty good idea how to handle his naughty wife!

Atonement Friday is such a fun story it was written several years ago but is still one of my favorite stories. I love how sassy and relatable Honey is, and the way she is so willing to push her limits and explore her sexuality. Her love for her husband Robert shines through and her eagerness to please him is endearing.

Likewise Robert's obvious love for Honey is beautiful, his desire to keep her attention and make her happy is remarkable. I just love this couple, I think you will love them too! A short hot erotic BDSM story


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