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The Submissive by Sadie Stern

Cover of The Submissive by Sadie Stern

How does it feel to know as a thirteen-year-old girl you owe a man a debt of gratitude you cannot repay. That you tried, the only way you could think to try, and you’re sent packing! The man for whom gratitude had no limits, who saw me differently, as an opportunity, a challenge to mould and build into a success story with no bounds. Then, later, something starts which continues for twenty years it defines my life until the day arrives when I knew my journey with him has to end. It’s my story, although two others I travel with have to keep me company along the way. It’s about love delivered in a way some might not understand. It’s about a tragic end which even in sadness still inspires me to keep going. Finally, it’s about renewal. A story which has everything and is a departure for Sadie Stern it’s author seeking to express her words in different ways on a different plane.

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