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Our books are for sale on Amazon and through a range of outlets via Draft 2 Digital.​  


For 20% off just list the titles you wish to purchase and email us at  

We will invoice you via PayPal at your chosen email address and then send the titles in epub format.

Bedtime books created by a little for littles

Adult fairytales by Alex Little

Being little isn't always easy. For one thing not many people really get it, even worse many people are completely disgusted or repelled by the idea. Being little can feel lonely, littles are often misunderstood. So many things in our society now is acceptable but somehow the cgl/ddlg/mdlg community is still maybe overlooked a bit?

I think I've always been a little, I just didn't really know or understand it. It wasn't until just a few years ago when I came across the terms little, ddlg, and daddydom that i began to explore it and it was like this OMG moment. That's ME! That describes me exactly! I'm still new in the community, and honestly I don't know all the right terms, all the right dynamics of it all. But this is what I do know.

I know that it's not role-play, not for me. I know the age I am physically doesn't match the age I feel. I know that I've struggled with relationships my whole life, most people found me over-sensitive, clingy, I've been told I get my feelings hurt too easily, I take things too seriously, I'm too emotional. And I've spent most of my life trying to hide these traits that seemed to repel everyone I cared about. Until I met my Daddy. And he told me he actually liked me clingy, he liked that I was sensitive, he didn't mind taking care of my feelings. I realized the problem wasn't the fact that I was little. The problem was the fact I wasn't with someone who was a Daddy.

Not every man can be a Daddy. Just like being little is who I am. Being a daddy is who that person is inside. There has to be a certain desire to nurture and care for another human being. It goes WAY beyond just wanting to spank a girl or boy or being called Daddy in bed. Those are just words and actions. Being a Daddy is an intricate part of their personality, and either they are or they aren't. Which doesn't mean that a person can't learn and grow in either role, as a little or a caregiver. But if all a person wants is to punish you or have you call him Daddy without any of the nurturing, caring and other things that go into being a daddy, he is a fake and not worth your time.

Sometimes being little hurts, it hurts trying to function in a world that seems harsh and uncaring. Sometimes it's hard to always feel like you are pretending, pretending to be strong and brave and responsible. Littles need a way to escape the adult world, we need a way to withdraw into our own world of make believe and fantasy. To let our brain rest and our hearts recharge. I am SO lucky I have a Daddy I can go to when I need that break from stress and reality. Someone I can go to for cuddles and reassurances, not every little is so lucky.

I created these books for all littles, the ones with caregivers and the ones still looking. I wanted books first and foremost that are visually beautiful. Books that any little will love just flipping through and looking at the pictures. I imagine littles everywhere carrying my books on long car rides, tucked into backpacks, flipping through them at doctor offices or snuggling under fluffy blankets and feeling peace and calm and most importantly feeling little.


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