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Excerpt from The Dinner Party

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

It’s all very girlie isn’t it, but here we are. Would you like a drink, to calm the nerves.’ Laura was hoping Kellie would do this rather than jump on her before the door was even closed.

‘Thank you, I’d like that. I’m so fucking nervous, I’ve been awake most of the night wondering what this moment would be like.’ Kellie had a surprising reply.

‘To be honest, so have I. I’m full of bluster and bravado but deep down I’m rather shy. Can I tell you something, but please don’t laugh?’ Laura now saw a slightly vulnerable side appear.

‘Of course. I’d never laugh at anyone’s insecurities Kellie. Tell me!’ Kellie was rummaging in a cabinet for two glasses which she placed on the table, she went to the fridge and brought out a bottle of wine which she opened before pouring out it’s contents.

‘I’ve never done this before. I must give the impression of a vamp, in and out of the beds of equally bored and frustrated wives. I’m not, if we leave this kitchen and take this up to my bedroom, you‘ll be my first. I lay awake staring up at the ceiling all night while Peter snored, I wanted to masturbate but I held back. If and when I climax, I want you to make me cum Laura!’ Kellie delivered her shock revelation to an equally amazed Laura.

‘Oh my god, so when I came onto you in my downstairs loo, nobody had put their hand there before, I mean another woman of course?’ Kellie smiled and sipped her drink.

‘No Laura, you were the first to touch my pussy. I wondered about you then, you knew your way around and while I wantonly arrived without my knickers you certainly rather expertly pulled my lips apart and found me didn’t you!’ Laura felt a shiver as the topic of conversation started to arouse her.

‘Well I suspect we both are wantonly expectant today, I’m not wearing anything other than what you can see and as for me knowing my way around, I’ve had plenty of practise on myself, funny, I held back too for the same reason.’ Both women went silent and engaged in steady eye contact which went on for a period which both were finding uncomfortable to endure. Laura ended the famine of words. ‘As I drove, I wondered how it would start, who would make the first move I didn’t imagine in a million years it might be me?’ She paused and gripped the bottle. ‘I don’t know where this debauchery is due to take place Mrs Harvey, so you need to lead the way, I’ll bring this as I’m sure we’re going to need refreshment.’

Kellie stood and collected her glass. She moved towards the door and continued through the hallway to the stairs. Laura followed behind looking at the movement of her body through the near transparent cream dress she was wearing. Kellie looked at Laura as she mounted the first stair. Laura held back, she waited until Kellie was three steps up before she started her own journey of ascent. Laura looked at Kellie’s arse, which for her was a perfect size. Her dress rose up as she lifted her leg and the swell of her bare right buttock came into view just ahead and level with her eye-line. Laura couldn’t resist not touching so she slid her hand up between Kellie’s legs which caused her to stop in her tracks.

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