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Our books are for sale on Amazon and through a range of outlets via Draft 2 Digital.​  


For 20% off just list the titles you wish to purchase and email us at  

We will invoice you via PayPal at your chosen email address and then send the titles in epub format.

Living Truth by Anietta Strong, a hot erotic sexy BDSM read

Living Truth by Anietta Strong

Tom has made a huge decision. One which will change his life for ever. With his marriage to Janice in tatters and an affair with Tina at rock bottom too, a change of lifestyle is timely to say the least. He has decided to tell the truth in future, no matter what the circumstances dictate, to never lie, either to others or of greater importance – to himself. His announcement to Janice their marriage is over is then taken out of his hands and after a difficult day at work she announces she is seeking a divorce.

Deciding to drown his sorrows at a local bar he meets Sandra, but he soon learns that she has a past as well as a dark secret where the challenge now is to see where she fits into his new plans for a truthful future and testing his personal values to breaking point. A fast-moving short story by Anietta Strong bringing together hard lifestyle choices and a hot dirty romance. A hot erotic sexy BDSM read.

Available Amazon and D2D


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